Thursday, May 19, 2016

The End

Welp, this's it, huh? School's almost over. High school's almost over... Eh, things could've been worse. Still alive. We're all still mentally strong despite the bombardment of trials to our self esteem.  was fun but leaving's not gonna break my heart. I'll miss the friends I've made. I'll miss the memories. There's no reason to be too upset, though. Life's just around the corner. I hope you all agree that things are only gonna get better. These last 9 weeks have been pretty stressful for the usual basic reasons, relationships, relatives, regrets, responsibilities.. Basic stuff. I've written a lot of stuff on this website. I'm not proud of any of it besides, like, 3 posts. (Especially that school one. Mmpphff, good stuff) I'll probably delete the ones I don't like after school's over. It freaks me out as I write this. What's gonna happen? Where will I go?! What will I do?! Do I have only 4 more years left of true happiness?! Maybe.. Maybe not. Who knows? Not me. All I know for certain is that I've gotta make it count. I've gotta make it work. Because, just like all of you, I've only got one more shot. And I'll be damned before I throw it away.

Friday, May 13, 2016

The Coolest Thing Ever

The world is full of cool ideas. the moon landing, flying cars, nuclear fusion, Brookstone, but none compare to what I've found today. Single handedly the greatest idea that has ever been etched by mortal man. The very fabric of human history itself, rocked by mere conception brought to fruition by recognition. Infinitely large and incredibly close in stature through unparalleled magnitude of conception. Godlike could bring infinitesimal conception to the purifying ember of this royal fire burning brightly only by the fuel of human ambition. Piling ashes of fiery hearts on the pyres of chilled fingers crackling towards the cherished flames of determination, tearing down worn doldrums and toxic chain dances to ignite the calculated chaos that whirlwinds within withering pantheons of imagination. This idea, climbing the spiriling catacombs of monotony into the collective uniconcioud of our souls can only be described as legendary..

This is.. Quite simply.. The greatest thing since sliced bread.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Regarding Lowering the Drinking Age

It's defiantly a conundrum. Why am I old enough to get drafted but not old enough to drink? I, personally, have never tried alcohol and I'm not planning to anytime soon. But many my age, (18), can name off more than a few that regularly drink well under the legal age. This, of course, leads to innumerable health compilations. However, what does prolonging the inevitable brain damage from 18 to 21, (assuming we actually abide by the law) actually do? It most certinly deters some people from underage consumption. But it also makes alcohol significantly more alluring for the rebellious teenager. One classmate suggests to lower the drinking age to 18, but then pass a low tolerance act. This would mean that one transgression breaking the law (DUI, Public Intoxication, etc.) would lead to immediate revocing of any and all alcoholic privlages until the offender is at least 21 years old. I think this could, in theory, be an ample solution. The amount of drunken accidents corrolates in parallel to the legal drinking age. (The most instances of drunken violence or accidents happen predominantly in individuals 21-24, the early years of drinking) So this idea of a "No tolerance policy" could work on a practical level. In any case, Alcohol abuse can't ever be full stopped without a neo-prohibition act. But since the notion is far fetched at best, a strict crackdown on our drinking policy might be the best solution.