Thursday, April 7, 2016

Should Drugs Be Legal?

Matthew Loucas

Should drugs be legal?

In order to answer that question we need to dive into the semantics of what is actually being asked.

Should all drugs (recreational and illegal) be legalized?  My answer is "yes."

Alright let's calm down. I'm aware of the detrimental effects of many "hard drugs" on the human body. Even some of the tamest drugs can melt the flesh off your bone. Horrible horrible stuff.

But, honestly, what is bad about "hard drugs"?

Well, they kill people. But so does every other drug.

"Well they kill people way more painfully in some cases."
This isn't a basis to make something inaccessible considering the precidence of other legal drugs such as cigarettes having undeniable correlation with lung cancer.

So, why are drugs illegal? Because they're bad for you! Seriously. The prohibition act was because alcohol was seen (correctly) as a threat to friends and family. But even so, the enormous backlash that Americans put up along with the formation of the mafia and underground drug rings lead to the intense whiplash of the re-legalization of alcohol.

The primary difference between alcohol and upper echelon splinter cell drugs is that an ice cold beer is a staple of American tradition. However, weed and crack simply don't stack up in the practicality department. It's not sold in normal stores and it's certainly hard to find.

The only way to propagate the use of upper class (threat) drugs is to properly mainstream them through government regulation.

The next time someone asks "why are drugs illegal?" The answer is simply "Because they are" Now this sounds good on paper but honestly, as an American, I should be able to make the choice to kill myself and others around me.

It's just the American way, ya feel?


  1. I feel you, but i don't think hard drugs should be legal, but i think the soft ones (like weed) should be. You can't overdose on weed, you can only really hard yourself if you get in a car and start driving.

  2. Drugs are illegal for a reason. They are bad for the human body regardless of the scientific researches. A population on drugs will not go forward.