Saturday, March 12, 2016

A Survey

Matthew Loucas

Alright, it's March 9th. Trump is running for president, North Korea is threatening to start a nuclear war, climate change looms closer with no definite end, blah, blah blah. We, as highschoolers, are going to inherit the mantle of responsibility for the protection of our blue planet. I'd like to say I'm feeling optimistic. How about you? We're the largest group of dreamers humanity has ever seen. Accepting and loving almost to a fault. But while I am a natural optimist, some might be skeptical about how dire our circumstances really are.

I took a survey of my 3rd period English class. The question was: "Is the world going to end in the next  100 years."

Very vague. I just wanted to get a basic idea on the outlook of our future according to our peers.

Here were the results:

Out of 14 people… 4 believe the world would end, 9 think we're safe for another hundred years, and 1 is unsure.

Things are seeming to be looking up. But just to be sure I'd like to see aha science has to say before I give my final verdict.

An invention founded by The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists ( might have the answers to the bleak prospect of Armageddon. The Doomsday Clock is a symbol representing the  likelihood of the end of the word. The closer it is to midnight the greater the chance of extinction. The clock is currently 3 minutes from midnight. It's the closest to midnight since 1984, the apex of the cold war.

Yikes. This is in factor to the current direction of climate change and our ever increasing nuclear arsenal. Topped off with groups of radical terrorists it's clear to see why scientists are biting their nails.

That's it. A word of warning. We have a chance to change the world. But as things look bleaker and bleaker only ignorance can be our downfall.

Thanks for reading.

Thursday, March 3, 2016


I feel bad today. I can usually play a show of confidence but today I cried in a corner of the school for an hour. Not really about anything in particular. Life's been getting under my skin. Not gonna get into too much detail. I'm honestly so tired I'm not creative enough to write anything abstract so I'll just write about my life for a bit. I got into a relationship with a girl I've been interested in for about 4-5 years. I was in the friend-zone for a bit. (It's real and it's a bitch) but I eventually stopped talking to her and wouldn't you know it now I've got myself into a 8 month relationship and going strong.
My dad's leaving. He told me a few days before he left. I know it's my fault that he's leaving but I can't stop him. My mom didn't like my girlfriend. She constantly accused her of being like my dad and stepmom. Two people who I really have no big problem with. I've been working on a story. I think it's good. Really long though. About a detective who fights space. Umm.. I've been taking antibiotics and they make me kinda sick. I love my little brother so much. Him and girlfriend are such fantastic people. My mom was helping me work on college the entire night so I felt bad when I called her "delusional" after she accused me of something I didn't do. I love my family. But sometimes they make me wanna cry. A lot of people say the root of many psychological disorders are at the base of the mother. I suppose being a mom is a "thankless job." As she said. I really do honestly believe I'm a terrible son. Great person. Terrible son. It makes me sad. Why do I even bother when I know I'm not good enough? I try to be respectful and kind and I am but I also believe that I've made my family's life worse just by being around. I'm not suicidal. At all, as a matter of fact. I think all teens go through the same problems. Is there a god up there because I know I'm going to heaven. The sucky thing is that I'd feel like I didn't deserve it. No, I'm not really good or bad. I'm just me. And I wish I was just something a little more than what I really am right now. I never look at myself in the mirror.