Friday, February 19, 2016

The Question

A question to ponder the old masters. A question to make or break the very foundation of our universe.

Which came first, the chicken and the egg?

It has perplexed humanity since Ancient Greek times. While it seems to be a philosophical question in nature history seems to have twisted it into a literal inquiry.

Scientists are split totally down the middle. Some scientists believe the chicken came first because of a special type of proton found in the egg that could only exist if formed inside a chicken. ( While others say it's the egg that came first due to prehistoric evidence dating back to the presidency of the egg before the chicken.

Alright. Let's start from the top.

We've got one animal that came before a chicken (let's call it a pre-chicken) and another animal in the same species. They lit some candles and followed the rose petals to the bedroom before getting to business.

Now this is where people get kinda butt hurt.

You see, some people believe that after the deed is done and the egg begins to form in the pre-chicken  that the ensuing egg is not a chicken egg but rather a pre-chicken egg that through a mutation in the formation of the zygote birthed a chicken. So the chicken came first and birthed the first
"chicken egg."

It all boils down (get it?) to the interpretation of the question that's leaving people's brains scrambled.

What exactly does the question consider the "egg?" Does it mean the first chicken egg or the first pre-chicken egg?

And furthermore, how can we know what event is "first"? Is it asking which one came out first or which one developed inside the pre-chicken first?

Let's crack this wide open.

In terms of development the "egg" comes first in the formation of the chicken. However! It was not a chicken egg until a mutation occurred in the zygote cell and transform the pre-chicken fetus into a traditional chicken fetus.

So it's a tie? No. If both the chicken and the egg gained their respective identities at the exact same moment than a developmental "first" is impossible.

The only way to properly answer this is to see which one came out of the pre-chicken first. And the answer is... exggcellent

The egg, due to providing a protective covering around the chicken, came out first.

The winner is the egg!

I whisk I could talk about this some more but my brain is fried. Look at the sunny side though, at least the yolk's not on me. Then I'd really have egg on my face. I don't mean to ruffle feathers but that's a wrap.


  1. I believe that the chicken came first because it had to come from another type of animal, and it evolved after many years.

    1. Thanks for reading!

      But, dude. It had to have come out of an egg.

  2. You make a strong argument, therefore I agree with you. I used to think the chicken came first but now I change my mind.

    1. Thank you for reading!

      I think the egg came first too!

  3. you provide some strong points. I do believe the chicken came first

  4. I never really thought about this before. But if you really think about it guess the egg came first.