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The Beginner Guide to Gender From Someone Who Thinks It's Bull.

     I'm a man. I identify as male for both my gender as well as my sex. Until fairly recently I figured that gender and sex were synonymous but they are, in actuality, leagues apart. While sex is simply a matter of anatomy, gender is more abstract.


    Gender is the range of characteristics pertaining to, and differentiating between, masculinity and femininity.

       Nebulous, honestly. See, when people ask about gender i.e. "What's your gender" they're usually talking about "gender identity." 
    Gender identity:
    Gender identity is one's personal experience of one's own gender.
          In less broad terms, gender identity is what you feel like while sex is what your body is physically. Gender identity is completely independent of your sex. If I'm a guy but I act, sound, dress, and feel like a girl then I'm a chick. (It doesn't make sense on a logical basis but it does on a social level. It's a way of saying "have the preconceived notions of a girl in your head when you see me regardless of how I look.") 
        However, the rabbit hole goes deeper. Gender identity assigns something called pronouns. So if I'm a guy who looks, dresses, acts, and feels like a girl then it's polite to refer to me as a "her." The reciprocal is also true. If I'm a girl who looks, dresses, acts, and feels like a guy then it's polite to refer to me as a "he." There's a tangent in this thinking because one can act, look, dress, and, for all intensive purposes, be a guy but want to be called a girl. The reciprocal is also true. It's ok if this is confusing. 
    These people who don't conform to their "gender roles" are called "transgender." 
    1. Denoting or relating to a person whose self-identity does not conform unambiguously to conventional  notions of male or female gender.


      Here's a list of pronouns: 

      NeNelaughedI called nemNir eyes gleamThat is nirsNe likes nemself
      VeVelaughedI called verVis eyes gleamThat is visVe likes verself
      SpivakEylaughedI called emEir eyes gleamThat is eirsEy likes
      Ze (or zie) and hirZelaughedI called hirHir eyes gleamThat is hirsZe likes hirself
      Ze (or zie) and zirZelaughedI called zirZir eyes gleamThat is zirsZe likes zirself
      XeXelaughedI called xemXyr eyes gleam

      "But these aren't applicable to boys or girls." Correct. These are for people who do not consider themselves of male or female gender and would like to be referred to 
      as people outside the boy or girl spectrum. 

      Keep in mind that many of these have been forsaken by all besides their creators.

      The reason for all these assorted pronouns is to cater to those who are either gender neutral or some variation of gender non-conformity. There are also pleas for 
      such things as gender neutral bathrooms and other societal reforms to account for 
      any accidental ostracism of non gender-binary people. 

      After extensive research and non-bias assessment of each side of the argument I 
      firmly believe that all this is nothing more than manufactured controversy. A way to disassociate yourself from the collective while still requesting all the sympathies and acceptance of a normal person. 

      Yes. A normal person. The people who insist that they must be called something than the gender they wee born with are abnormal. In fact, it's a disorder ( 

      Look, I don't want to antagonize myself. I have no problem with these people's character and I'm not a biggoted idiot. I'm positive that being born into the wrong gender is a phenomenon and it's very difficult to deal with. In fact, very difficult is most certainly an understatement. 

      But being born in a bad skin isn't what I have a problem with. It's the following: 

      Many of the activists who fight tooth and nail for the acceptance and rights of these non conformist people insist that it's ok for a man to act like a woman and vice versa. That there's no problem with getting offended when someone mistakes your pronoun and doesn't refer to
      you as "they" or "co". 

      Question: How does a guy act? How does a girl act? Apparently a man who identifies as a girl acts like a girl. I know girls that are more masculine than many of my guy friends. Is it unfathomable to think that we can choose how it feels to be a boy or girl without a label
      having to be shoved down your throat? What if you are just a feminine guy? What if you are just a masculine girl? The pronouns that contradict your sex seem to do nothing more than enforce the societal standards you fight so hard to unravel with your non-conformist attitude.

      If this movement was really about changing society then they wouldn't ostracize themselves
       with confusing pronouns and emotional gender baggage that no one with a life has any time for. The only way to change society isn't to seperate from it but to mold it from an understandable focal point. If you ask people to call you "ze" or "co" or "they" then they will most likely will be already fed up with your shit. Show society how dynamic a person can be by being a man who acts, sounds, dresses, and looks like a woman. Destroy the preconceived notions about gender roles by being a female who is indistinguishable from a male! But if you call yourself a man then it defeats the purpose. "I can't act like a guy if I'm a girl unless
       I'm referred to as a guy." This line of thinking is strengthening the gender roles you work so hard to change. But if they do that then society would have an easier time accepting them.

      Let's be real. Many of these people don't want acceptance. They want to be the misunderstood underdog special snowflakes that the world shuns for their uniqueness. You think any sane person actually expects to get a job as a surgeon or lawyer if they insist on being called "ne" professionally?! Hell no.

      In conclusion, my opinion is that anyone who goes by the gender pronouns above and gets offended when it is not adhered to accordingly simply wants attention and is ignorant of their own cause.

      Thanks for reading

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