Sunday, February 28, 2016

A Blog Post

Man, did you know that the guy who survived the drop from Niagra Falls in a barrel died slipping on a bannana peel moments after? A lot of people think it's an orange peel but who cares he's dead. Speaking of being dead this one time I took a picture in a graveyard and a bunch of floating orbs showed up on the screen and I ran. It's scientifically supposed to be gas from the bodies but I think Casper was creepin or something that night. I just got some pneumonia and these antibiotics are making me think imma die. Everything I eat makes me vomit. Speaking of vomit remember that first silioloqy assignment? That was so gross. I've been listening to the nightcore version of "Just a Dream" on repeat, buds. Such a good song no joke. You know what I'm in the mood for? Burger King. Yo, I know I was talking about obesity a while back but you know Burger King burgers are the bomb. And their fries!! MMMPPPHH! Way better than McDonalds. Actually I think Checkers has the best fries.

I hate cats. They really just freak me out. They remind me of an ex-girlfriend. Not any specific ex.. Just all of them.  The purring too. Gross.

You know what's cool? Red eyes. Always digged that! And white hair.  I love unique stuff. Except bad unique stuff like the Mexican Drug Cartel.

To be honest I don't have much to say,

Thanks for reading

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