Thursday, May 19, 2016

The End

Welp, this's it, huh? School's almost over. High school's almost over... Eh, things could've been worse. Still alive. We're all still mentally strong despite the bombardment of trials to our self esteem.  was fun but leaving's not gonna break my heart. I'll miss the friends I've made. I'll miss the memories. There's no reason to be too upset, though. Life's just around the corner. I hope you all agree that things are only gonna get better. These last 9 weeks have been pretty stressful for the usual basic reasons, relationships, relatives, regrets, responsibilities.. Basic stuff. I've written a lot of stuff on this website. I'm not proud of any of it besides, like, 3 posts. (Especially that school one. Mmpphff, good stuff) I'll probably delete the ones I don't like after school's over. It freaks me out as I write this. What's gonna happen? Where will I go?! What will I do?! Do I have only 4 more years left of true happiness?! Maybe.. Maybe not. Who knows? Not me. All I know for certain is that I've gotta make it count. I've gotta make it work. Because, just like all of you, I've only got one more shot. And I'll be damned before I throw it away.

Friday, May 13, 2016

The Coolest Thing Ever

The world is full of cool ideas. the moon landing, flying cars, nuclear fusion, Brookstone, but none compare to what I've found today. Single handedly the greatest idea that has ever been etched by mortal man. The very fabric of human history itself, rocked by mere conception brought to fruition by recognition. Infinitely large and incredibly close in stature through unparalleled magnitude of conception. Godlike could bring infinitesimal conception to the purifying ember of this royal fire burning brightly only by the fuel of human ambition. Piling ashes of fiery hearts on the pyres of chilled fingers crackling towards the cherished flames of determination, tearing down worn doldrums and toxic chain dances to ignite the calculated chaos that whirlwinds within withering pantheons of imagination. This idea, climbing the spiriling catacombs of monotony into the collective uniconcioud of our souls can only be described as legendary..

This is.. Quite simply.. The greatest thing since sliced bread.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Regarding Lowering the Drinking Age

It's defiantly a conundrum. Why am I old enough to get drafted but not old enough to drink? I, personally, have never tried alcohol and I'm not planning to anytime soon. But many my age, (18), can name off more than a few that regularly drink well under the legal age. This, of course, leads to innumerable health compilations. However, what does prolonging the inevitable brain damage from 18 to 21, (assuming we actually abide by the law) actually do? It most certinly deters some people from underage consumption. But it also makes alcohol significantly more alluring for the rebellious teenager. One classmate suggests to lower the drinking age to 18, but then pass a low tolerance act. This would mean that one transgression breaking the law (DUI, Public Intoxication, etc.) would lead to immediate revocing of any and all alcoholic privlages until the offender is at least 21 years old. I think this could, in theory, be an ample solution. The amount of drunken accidents corrolates in parallel to the legal drinking age. (The most instances of drunken violence or accidents happen predominantly in individuals 21-24, the early years of drinking) So this idea of a "No tolerance policy" could work on a practical level. In any case, Alcohol abuse can't ever be full stopped without a neo-prohibition act. But since the notion is far fetched at best, a strict crackdown on our drinking policy might be the best solution.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Violence in Video Games

Video games are violent. Literally undeniable. Here's some evidence..

But here's the rub: Does violence in video games make you violent? I asked 14 classmates what they thought. Here were the responses.

  5 said "Yes"
  9 said "No"
  1 said "Unsure"

    As a relitivly stable minded individual who's spent a good portion of his life playing video games I can safely say that I am a highly non-violent person. To me there's a disassociation with reality and fiction that most functioning people posses.

However, does this mean that video games do not cause violence?

Ehh, no.. Video games do have some correlation with school shootings, planned murders, etc. So what's the deal?! Why would a fictitious virtual simulation make you, the player, violent? Well, if you're normal, it shouldn't. Video games many times act as wish fulfillment, breaking the barrier between reality and fiction to give the player unrealistic power or control. Those with extremely  low self worth might gravitate towards this enticing prospect but for most the idea of replicating actions performed in a game seems silly. Even with many modern emersive  games such as "Skyrim" and "Dark Souls" graphically drawing a thin line between reality and fiction for all except the desperate 1% who have their brains all whacked up. Maybe violent video games can make anyone a killer with constant exposure but I say that video games would be the trigger, not the source.

Thanks for reading!

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Suits and ties.

    For the first time in a long time I'm going to go with the grain on something. While I find myself to be culturally sensitive I very rarely censor anything I feel or say unless it's highly inappropriate. For instance I'm not going to make a knock knock joke at a funeral. However, just a few minutes ago, I realized something. There is a line. A very fine, maluable line, that cannot be crossed with authoritative figures. Recently, I said that my teacher looked like "an ice cream cone." I think he did, but that's not the point. He seemed upset. Like I insulted his kid or something. I don't think the cultural singnificance of  his hairstyle was the issue. Nor do I think he was even self concious about his appearance. When I called him an ice cream cone I undoubtedly deminished his status in the eyes of the class. He talked to me outside. He brought up a point I never thought of before. He implied that he, on the merit of being a teacher, must be beyond reproach to his student. I really never thought about it before. We should respect teachers BECAUSE they're teachers. Not because if they're good or bad or work in prison or what. The deal is that because they worked and grinded to achieve the credentials to teach a room full of students that it is their (our) role to respect them. Now, I'm not a firm believer in censorship or, even more importantly, entitlement to merits congenitally. Respect must be earned. But, like it or not, teachers, doctors, lawyers, all that crap. They've all worked to achieve a higher eschelon of respect in society by those who work under them. There's a big difference between a Wal-Mart worker and a scientist. I've learned there must be a reservation when speaking to those of higher status. I never thought of it, but when I did just 30 minutes ago, hit me like a RPG. Maybe because I've always been used to teachers being pushovers or slaves to their classes that I've always talked to them colloquially. I've learned that needs to stop. It makes me look like a tone-deaf idiot. I might be a lot of things, but I'm no idiot. 

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Should Drugs Be Legal?

Matthew Loucas

Should drugs be legal?

In order to answer that question we need to dive into the semantics of what is actually being asked.

Should all drugs (recreational and illegal) be legalized?  My answer is "yes."

Alright let's calm down. I'm aware of the detrimental effects of many "hard drugs" on the human body. Even some of the tamest drugs can melt the flesh off your bone. Horrible horrible stuff.

But, honestly, what is bad about "hard drugs"?

Well, they kill people. But so does every other drug.

"Well they kill people way more painfully in some cases."
This isn't a basis to make something inaccessible considering the precidence of other legal drugs such as cigarettes having undeniable correlation with lung cancer.

So, why are drugs illegal? Because they're bad for you! Seriously. The prohibition act was because alcohol was seen (correctly) as a threat to friends and family. But even so, the enormous backlash that Americans put up along with the formation of the mafia and underground drug rings lead to the intense whiplash of the re-legalization of alcohol.

The primary difference between alcohol and upper echelon splinter cell drugs is that an ice cold beer is a staple of American tradition. However, weed and crack simply don't stack up in the practicality department. It's not sold in normal stores and it's certainly hard to find.

The only way to propagate the use of upper class (threat) drugs is to properly mainstream them through government regulation.

The next time someone asks "why are drugs illegal?" The answer is simply "Because they are" Now this sounds good on paper but honestly, as an American, I should be able to make the choice to kill myself and others around me.

It's just the American way, ya feel?

Saturday, March 12, 2016

A Survey

Matthew Loucas

Alright, it's March 9th. Trump is running for president, North Korea is threatening to start a nuclear war, climate change looms closer with no definite end, blah, blah blah. We, as highschoolers, are going to inherit the mantle of responsibility for the protection of our blue planet. I'd like to say I'm feeling optimistic. How about you? We're the largest group of dreamers humanity has ever seen. Accepting and loving almost to a fault. But while I am a natural optimist, some might be skeptical about how dire our circumstances really are.

I took a survey of my 3rd period English class. The question was: "Is the world going to end in the next  100 years."

Very vague. I just wanted to get a basic idea on the outlook of our future according to our peers.

Here were the results:

Out of 14 people… 4 believe the world would end, 9 think we're safe for another hundred years, and 1 is unsure.

Things are seeming to be looking up. But just to be sure I'd like to see aha science has to say before I give my final verdict.

An invention founded by The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists ( might have the answers to the bleak prospect of Armageddon. The Doomsday Clock is a symbol representing the  likelihood of the end of the word. The closer it is to midnight the greater the chance of extinction. The clock is currently 3 minutes from midnight. It's the closest to midnight since 1984, the apex of the cold war.

Yikes. This is in factor to the current direction of climate change and our ever increasing nuclear arsenal. Topped off with groups of radical terrorists it's clear to see why scientists are biting their nails.

That's it. A word of warning. We have a chance to change the world. But as things look bleaker and bleaker only ignorance can be our downfall.

Thanks for reading.

Thursday, March 3, 2016


I feel bad today. I can usually play a show of confidence but today I cried in a corner of the school for an hour. Not really about anything in particular. Life's been getting under my skin. Not gonna get into too much detail. I'm honestly so tired I'm not creative enough to write anything abstract so I'll just write about my life for a bit. I got into a relationship with a girl I've been interested in for about 4-5 years. I was in the friend-zone for a bit. (It's real and it's a bitch) but I eventually stopped talking to her and wouldn't you know it now I've got myself into a 8 month relationship and going strong.
My dad's leaving. He told me a few days before he left. I know it's my fault that he's leaving but I can't stop him. My mom didn't like my girlfriend. She constantly accused her of being like my dad and stepmom. Two people who I really have no big problem with. I've been working on a story. I think it's good. Really long though. About a detective who fights space. Umm.. I've been taking antibiotics and they make me kinda sick. I love my little brother so much. Him and girlfriend are such fantastic people. My mom was helping me work on college the entire night so I felt bad when I called her "delusional" after she accused me of something I didn't do. I love my family. But sometimes they make me wanna cry. A lot of people say the root of many psychological disorders are at the base of the mother. I suppose being a mom is a "thankless job." As she said. I really do honestly believe I'm a terrible son. Great person. Terrible son. It makes me sad. Why do I even bother when I know I'm not good enough? I try to be respectful and kind and I am but I also believe that I've made my family's life worse just by being around. I'm not suicidal. At all, as a matter of fact. I think all teens go through the same problems. Is there a god up there because I know I'm going to heaven. The sucky thing is that I'd feel like I didn't deserve it. No, I'm not really good or bad. I'm just me. And I wish I was just something a little more than what I really am right now. I never look at myself in the mirror. 

Sunday, February 28, 2016

A Blog Post

Man, did you know that the guy who survived the drop from Niagra Falls in a barrel died slipping on a bannana peel moments after? A lot of people think it's an orange peel but who cares he's dead. Speaking of being dead this one time I took a picture in a graveyard and a bunch of floating orbs showed up on the screen and I ran. It's scientifically supposed to be gas from the bodies but I think Casper was creepin or something that night. I just got some pneumonia and these antibiotics are making me think imma die. Everything I eat makes me vomit. Speaking of vomit remember that first silioloqy assignment? That was so gross. I've been listening to the nightcore version of "Just a Dream" on repeat, buds. Such a good song no joke. You know what I'm in the mood for? Burger King. Yo, I know I was talking about obesity a while back but you know Burger King burgers are the bomb. And their fries!! MMMPPPHH! Way better than McDonalds. Actually I think Checkers has the best fries.

I hate cats. They really just freak me out. They remind me of an ex-girlfriend. Not any specific ex.. Just all of them.  The purring too. Gross.

You know what's cool? Red eyes. Always digged that! And white hair.  I love unique stuff. Except bad unique stuff like the Mexican Drug Cartel.

To be honest I don't have much to say,

Thanks for reading

Saturday, February 20, 2016

The Beginner Guide to Gender From Someone Who Thinks It's Bull.

     I'm a man. I identify as male for both my gender as well as my sex. Until fairly recently I figured that gender and sex were synonymous but they are, in actuality, leagues apart. While sex is simply a matter of anatomy, gender is more abstract.


    Gender is the range of characteristics pertaining to, and differentiating between, masculinity and femininity.

       Nebulous, honestly. See, when people ask about gender i.e. "What's your gender" they're usually talking about "gender identity." 
    Gender identity:
    Gender identity is one's personal experience of one's own gender.
          In less broad terms, gender identity is what you feel like while sex is what your body is physically. Gender identity is completely independent of your sex. If I'm a guy but I act, sound, dress, and feel like a girl then I'm a chick. (It doesn't make sense on a logical basis but it does on a social level. It's a way of saying "have the preconceived notions of a girl in your head when you see me regardless of how I look.") 
        However, the rabbit hole goes deeper. Gender identity assigns something called pronouns. So if I'm a guy who looks, dresses, acts, and feels like a girl then it's polite to refer to me as a "her." The reciprocal is also true. If I'm a girl who looks, dresses, acts, and feels like a guy then it's polite to refer to me as a "he." There's a tangent in this thinking because one can act, look, dress, and, for all intensive purposes, be a guy but want to be called a girl. The reciprocal is also true. It's ok if this is confusing. 
    These people who don't conform to their "gender roles" are called "transgender." 
    1. Denoting or relating to a person whose self-identity does not conform unambiguously to conventional  notions of male or female gender.


      Here's a list of pronouns: 

      NeNelaughedI called nemNir eyes gleamThat is nirsNe likes nemself
      VeVelaughedI called verVis eyes gleamThat is visVe likes verself
      SpivakEylaughedI called emEir eyes gleamThat is eirsEy likes
      Ze (or zie) and hirZelaughedI called hirHir eyes gleamThat is hirsZe likes hirself
      Ze (or zie) and zirZelaughedI called zirZir eyes gleamThat is zirsZe likes zirself
      XeXelaughedI called xemXyr eyes gleam

      "But these aren't applicable to boys or girls." Correct. These are for people who do not consider themselves of male or female gender and would like to be referred to 
      as people outside the boy or girl spectrum. 

      Keep in mind that many of these have been forsaken by all besides their creators.

      The reason for all these assorted pronouns is to cater to those who are either gender neutral or some variation of gender non-conformity. There are also pleas for 
      such things as gender neutral bathrooms and other societal reforms to account for 
      any accidental ostracism of non gender-binary people. 

      After extensive research and non-bias assessment of each side of the argument I 
      firmly believe that all this is nothing more than manufactured controversy. A way to disassociate yourself from the collective while still requesting all the sympathies and acceptance of a normal person. 

      Yes. A normal person. The people who insist that they must be called something than the gender they wee born with are abnormal. In fact, it's a disorder ( 

      Look, I don't want to antagonize myself. I have no problem with these people's character and I'm not a biggoted idiot. I'm positive that being born into the wrong gender is a phenomenon and it's very difficult to deal with. In fact, very difficult is most certainly an understatement. 

      But being born in a bad skin isn't what I have a problem with. It's the following: 

      Many of the activists who fight tooth and nail for the acceptance and rights of these non conformist people insist that it's ok for a man to act like a woman and vice versa. That there's no problem with getting offended when someone mistakes your pronoun and doesn't refer to
      you as "they" or "co". 

      Question: How does a guy act? How does a girl act? Apparently a man who identifies as a girl acts like a girl. I know girls that are more masculine than many of my guy friends. Is it unfathomable to think that we can choose how it feels to be a boy or girl without a label
      having to be shoved down your throat? What if you are just a feminine guy? What if you are just a masculine girl? The pronouns that contradict your sex seem to do nothing more than enforce the societal standards you fight so hard to unravel with your non-conformist attitude.

      If this movement was really about changing society then they wouldn't ostracize themselves
       with confusing pronouns and emotional gender baggage that no one with a life has any time for. The only way to change society isn't to seperate from it but to mold it from an understandable focal point. If you ask people to call you "ze" or "co" or "they" then they will most likely will be already fed up with your shit. Show society how dynamic a person can be by being a man who acts, sounds, dresses, and looks like a woman. Destroy the preconceived notions about gender roles by being a female who is indistinguishable from a male! But if you call yourself a man then it defeats the purpose. "I can't act like a guy if I'm a girl unless
       I'm referred to as a guy." This line of thinking is strengthening the gender roles you work so hard to change. But if they do that then society would have an easier time accepting them.

      Let's be real. Many of these people don't want acceptance. They want to be the misunderstood underdog special snowflakes that the world shuns for their uniqueness. You think any sane person actually expects to get a job as a surgeon or lawyer if they insist on being called "ne" professionally?! Hell no.

      In conclusion, my opinion is that anyone who goes by the gender pronouns above and gets offended when it is not adhered to accordingly simply wants attention and is ignorant of their own cause.

      Thanks for reading

Friday, February 19, 2016

The Question

A question to ponder the old masters. A question to make or break the very foundation of our universe.

Which came first, the chicken and the egg?

It has perplexed humanity since Ancient Greek times. While it seems to be a philosophical question in nature history seems to have twisted it into a literal inquiry.

Scientists are split totally down the middle. Some scientists believe the chicken came first because of a special type of proton found in the egg that could only exist if formed inside a chicken. ( While others say it's the egg that came first due to prehistoric evidence dating back to the presidency of the egg before the chicken.

Alright. Let's start from the top.

We've got one animal that came before a chicken (let's call it a pre-chicken) and another animal in the same species. They lit some candles and followed the rose petals to the bedroom before getting to business.

Now this is where people get kinda butt hurt.

You see, some people believe that after the deed is done and the egg begins to form in the pre-chicken  that the ensuing egg is not a chicken egg but rather a pre-chicken egg that through a mutation in the formation of the zygote birthed a chicken. So the chicken came first and birthed the first
"chicken egg."

It all boils down (get it?) to the interpretation of the question that's leaving people's brains scrambled.

What exactly does the question consider the "egg?" Does it mean the first chicken egg or the first pre-chicken egg?

And furthermore, how can we know what event is "first"? Is it asking which one came out first or which one developed inside the pre-chicken first?

Let's crack this wide open.

In terms of development the "egg" comes first in the formation of the chicken. However! It was not a chicken egg until a mutation occurred in the zygote cell and transform the pre-chicken fetus into a traditional chicken fetus.

So it's a tie? No. If both the chicken and the egg gained their respective identities at the exact same moment than a developmental "first" is impossible.

The only way to properly answer this is to see which one came out of the pre-chicken first. And the answer is... exggcellent

The egg, due to providing a protective covering around the chicken, came out first.

The winner is the egg!

I whisk I could talk about this some more but my brain is fried. Look at the sunny side though, at least the yolk's not on me. Then I'd really have egg on my face. I don't mean to ruffle feathers but that's a wrap.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Let's Talk About God

Let's Talk About God.


 <--------- This guy right here. 

*I'm gonna get crucified for this one. All the resources for my claims can be found at the bottom of the blog.* 

Before we talk about God I would like to talk about the books he's written in. 

Thee three main books we're gonna be focusing on are the Qur'an, Bible, and Tanakh. 

The Tanakh [or Tanach], (Jewish book of worship) contains 24 books. (The Torah, the main focus of the Jewish religion, contains only the first 5 books) while the Catholic Bible contains 73 books and the Protestant Bible bears 66.  The Qur'an mentions stories told in The Bible and gives great admiration to the Torah but seems to be a separate cannon as it skips and changes events in both the Tanakh and Bible, offering a greater emphasis on Islamic moral ideas and rules rather than the actual events themselves. 

The Qur'an and The Bible seem to be at odds in many regards, actually. (According to the Qur'an Jesus wasn't crucified and the immaculate conception might not have been exclusive to Mary.) There's plenty of other contradictions but let's not get off topic.

All of holy books claim that they are conceived (at least in part) from divine inspiration. So how can they be different? Well, either the writers are full of crap and they're each are telling their own story of the same events, (meaning there's no God required) or history has molded the original scripture so many times that we have multiple interpretations on our hands. Both seem equally plausible. 

So is God real? If so then where the hell is he?

So the older the person the better the chance he/she believes in God. Can't say I'm surprised. This could be either because they're wiser or they're closer to kicking the bucket. Both seem equally plausible

However, even the most dedicated atheist can vouch that the concept of God is very alluring and convenient.
Commit a crime? Pray the regret away!
Afraid of dying? No worries! There's an awesome afterlife as long as you weren't an abysmal person!
Can't figure out the mysteries of the universe? It was God!

But wait..

Who is God?! Seriously! We can't even get His name straight! YHWH, Ehyeh, Elohim, Jehovah.. Who even is this guy? According to scripture God is a piece of crap, right? Literally worse than Hitler. I would think so. That's what I've gathered from word of mouth. The flooding of the Earth, the constant destruction of cities, and the smiting. Oh jeez the smiting. However, there are compelling arguments against this claim. They say God has justification for mostly everything he does and is indeed benevolent until tested to the brink of His patience. I've also heard that He's the purest form of good and benevolence. I'm conflicted.

How can God be the only true good...

18 So Jesus said to him, "Why do you call me good? No one is good but One, that is, God." -Mark 10:18

...But at the same time be capable of such evil?
[Job's friends and family] comforted him over all the evil The Lord had brought upon him."
Job 42:11

The divine word of God seems to have a ton of contradictions, actually. 

EXO 15:3 The LORD is a man of war: the LORD is his name.
ROM 15:33 Now the God of peace be with you all. Amen.

JOH 10:30 I and my Father are one.
JOH 14:28 Ye have heard how I said unto you, I go away, and come again unto you. If ye loved me, ye would rejoice, because I said, I go unto the Father: for my Father is greater than I.

MAT 27:46,50: "And about the ninth hour Jesus cried with a loud voice, saying, "Eli, eli, lama sabachthani?" that is to say, "My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?" ...Jesus, when he cried again with a loud voice, yielded up the ghost."
LUK 23:46: "And when Jesus had cried with a loud voice, he said, "Father, unto thy hands I commend my spirit:" and having said thus, he gave up the ghost."
JOH 19:30: "When Jesus therefore had received the vinegar, he said, "It is  finished:" and he bowed his head, and gave up the ghost."

"I will not pity, nor spare, nor have mercy, but destroy." (JER 13:14) "Now go and smite Amalek, and utterly destroy all that they have, and spare them not, but slay both man and woman, infant and suckling."
"The Lord is very pitiful and of tender mercy." (JAS 5:11)
"For his mercy endureth forever." (1CH 16:34)
"The Lord is good to all, and his tender mercies are over all his works." (PSA 145:9)
"God is love." (1JO 4:16)
But can The Bible be taken literally? Apparently so
All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: (KJV, 2nd Timothy 3:16)
But know this first of all, that no prophecy of Scripture is a matter of one's own interpretation, for no prophecy was ever made by an act of human will, but men moved by the Holy Spirit spoke from God. (NAS, 2nd Peter 1:20-21)

(John 16:25) "I have said these these things in figures of speech..."

(17:18) "The woman you saw is the great city that rules over the kings of the Earth."

So we can assume that scripture's take on infallibility is ambiguous at best.

Fun fact: Some scientists are finding evidence of a massive flood a long time ago similar to the one described in The Old Testament and The Epic of Gilgamesh. Though it wasn't worldwide. 

But does God himself exist? Well, that requires the foundation of one thing we know exists.. 


This is it. The core of the subject.

How did the universe come to be and can it's creation be explained by our current understanding of science without God? May I pose the epicenter of the argument both for and against God?

The Laws of Thermodynamics.
The first law, also known as Law of Conservation of Energy, states that energy cannot be created or destroyed in an isolated system. The second Law of Thermodynamics states that the entropy of any isolated system always increases

There are currently 3 ways to conjure up our universe.
1. The Universe just showed up.
2. The Universe simply always was.         (We're gonna roll with the Big Bang theory.)     
3. The Universe was created. 

The First Law goes against the idea of the Universe just "showing up" as matter cannot simply be created from nothing. The building blocks for a (theoretically) infinitely expanding life bearing universe just popping into existence isn't just improbable, but impossible according to the First Law of Thermodynamics.
According to Atheists, the Universe must be a closed system, meaning that all the energy/matter/mass exist within the boundaries of the universe and no outside force has supplied or is currently supplying energy. An open system states that there is something outside the universe supplying energy at some point. To The First Law of Thermodynamics, a closed system wouldn't be able to produce energy for the creation of a universe as no outside force could supply the fundamental elements needed to create a big bang. The universe just spontaneously existing in a closed system breaks our basic knowledge of the conservation of energy and is illogical as The First Law is proven to be fact and currently has no opposition.Because it's a law. So who's the only guy who can create something from nothing? Das right. 

Another idea is that The Universe has always existed. This is total bull according to The Second Law of Thermodynamics, which states that energy is constantly changing. All energy deteriorates over time so if the universe is eternal than we would've used up all our energy and life (as well as heat) wouldn't be possible. 

Some people believe that a previous Universe turned into a black hole and that explains the energy storage but this is honestly grasping at straws as once all the energy is absorbed there must be a catalyst to trigger it's release later on.
Other's think that the energy of another universe part of a multiversal matrix spawned our Universe. Well who spawned the first universe then? According to our friend The First Law it was something outside of our Universe, right?

The only logical conclusion that we can form with our limited knowledge of our existence... An outside force influenced the creation of this Universe that operates like clockwork and seeds intelligent life. Beyond spontaneity or accidents. A meticulous work of art where the sheer improbability of serendipity is dwarfed by the magnitude of perfection. 

Is God real? Maybe not as we know him. But backed by quantum physics and common sense it's safe to assume there's something written in the stars. 


Thursday, January 28, 2016

Let's Talk About Why Highschool Sucks

Jan 28 2016

Let's talk about why high school sucks.

       I could take the a less turbulent route on this subject. "High school sucks because it doesn't teach anything important." And yes, this is mostly true.  (

      But being fed useless information doesn't necessarily mean the high school system as a whole "sucks." It might be a really crappy way to spend your time but it honestly doesn't "suck" on that merit alone.

 School seems to be troublesome for teachers as well.. Below is a letter written to me from an actual SED teacher when asked what bothers him regarding the school system.


                            [Letter written to me yesterday by a real SED teacher]

Matthew, check this out. Tell me what you think

Student teacher ratio:
The number of students in the classroom dictates how the teacher interacts with their students; for example if the student teacher ratio is high, the teacher may not only complete the session, but during the delivery of the lesson may not have time to address student’s concerns. Also, with smaller student numbers, the teacher has the time to encourage open discussions and provide insightful feedback.

Students with technology:  
Students with technology is a concern in that it often takes students off task. It may appears not to be a big deal, but to a teacher who is trying to make a academic point, and sees student/s paying attention to their cell phone, it results,  in the teacher having to stop the lesson to ask the student/s to put the phone away. This causes the off task behavior of the rest of the class.

Teaching to the Test:
Testing to the test in itself is not the concern, Testing is a valuable tool to the teacher. Testing gives the teacher insight into how much students are learning and how much remediation they need to keep up. But, should a teacher’s pay be influenced by student test scores?

Testing has become a measure of how effective the teacher is in delivering information and motivating their students.  Which is far from wrong, but it doesn’t take into consideration those students who have disabilities. With the philosophy of inclusion, were students are placed in the least restrictive environment, we have students with learning disabilities, intellectual handicaps and event autism.  Prior to inclusion, the student teacher ration was limited to the needs of the student. For example those students who were determined to be Severely Emotionally Disturbed (SED) were placed in a classroom with a 5 to1 student teacher ratio and a student who was determined to have a learning disability were placed in a classroom of 15  to 1.

So, the question is, can a teacher successfully educate these students if he/she is placed in a classroom with 35 and sometimes 40 students?
And can a teacher be expected to achieve a satisfactory outcome from the test scores of their students?
I believe it’s no they can not. So they resort to teaching to the test, having students memorizing answer and hoping their scores justify a pay raise.


As stated above, apparently teachers are forced to drill knowledge into us as impersonally as possible because their pay grade depends on it.  Even this unsettling revilation doesn't call for a full scale revolution.

So... Does school really suck?

Hell yes.

Here's why:

According to the University of Phoenix College of Education high school students work on homework on an average of 17.5 hours a week. According to the National Center for Education Statistics the average school day is 6.64 hours. 6.64 multiplied by the 5 days in a week and we get 33.2hours of school in a week.  Add that to the 17.5 hours of average hours a week spent on homework and we get 50.7 hours of school in total for the average week. This is 3 hours more than the average adult workload per week of 47 hours based on the Gallup 2013-2014 work and education polls. [This does not seem to be taking into account more advanced AP classes as I could find no statistics regarding specifically higher echelon classes.]


This brutal workload can lead to the sleep deprivation epidemic currently plaguing our country. Don't know what it is? Ask your nearest student. There's a 69% {Lol, seriously?} chance that he/she's sleep deprived.  (

"So what?" I hear you ask. "A few missing hours never hurt anybody."

Gonna blow your mind with facts right now, babe.

Apparently sleep deprivation was a key factor in the 1979 nuclear accident at Three Mile Island, the massive Exxon Valdez oil spill, and the 1986 nuclear meltdown at Chernobyl. Good news is us high school dudes aren't gonna be in charge of any nuclear codes for a while. 

So what are the dangers of a sleepless student? Well.. 

1. "The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration estimates that fatigue is a cause in 100,000 auto crashes and 1,550 crash-related deaths a year in the U.S. The problem is greatest among people under 25 years old." 

2. Sleep disorders and chronic sleep loss can put you at risk for:

Heart disease, Heart attackHeart failureIrregular heartbeatHigh blood pressureStroke, and Diabetes

3. [Most importantly] Lack of sleep kills the sex drive

[All of the numbered info along with the 1979-86 disasters were courtesy of]

*You can also check out the link below for a full comprehensive list of risk factors associated with a lack of sleep.*

It doesn't help that 40% of high schools start before 8:00! AND IT MAKES IT WORSE THAT I GO TO THE 10% OF SCHOOLS THAT START EARLIER THAN 7:30 COME ON, PALMETTO!

So, are students faced with any other demoralizing prospects that make them wish they would stay in bed? Yep yep. Try stress.

According to The Guardian (
Most teachers (89%) think stress comes from testing and exams. 

According to the American Psychological Association: "Teens report that their stress level during the school year far exceeds what they believe to be healthy (5.8 versus 3.9 on a 10-point scale) and tops adults’ average reported stress levels (5.8 for teens versus 5.1 for adults)."

                                                                         - Let it be known that this number drops from 5.8 to 4.6 during the summer.-

"Many teens also report feeling overwhelmed (31 percent) and depressed or sad (30 percent) as a result of stress. More than one-third of teens report fatigue or feeling tired (36 percent) and nearly one-quarter of teens (23 percent) report skipping a meal due to stress."


But what do psychologists know about psychology?! Let's ask the professionals themselves,
high school students.

[Below I asked a few students what they disliked about school. These are their responses]

{Adjusting conversations to add proper grammar. Original texts are shown on screen. None of these were staged or modified in any way}

Me: Name some things you don't like about school. Thanks!

Afro: Homework, not being able to leave school at lunch, shit school food, shit science department other than Mrs. Joseph she's pretty good. Small school. Shit bathrooms.

Me: Beautiful! Does it stress you out?

Afro: Asshole security guards. Yeah. I mean the science and math department nearly ruined my life so yeah.

Me: Anything else?

Afro: A lot of people are stupid. A lot of people are just not interesting. That's why I wanted to go to SAS. More interesting people. Better opportunities. Administration is shit too! My counselor never helps me. Punishments are too harsh for little things.

Me: Last question, could you empathize with someone killing themselves due to school?

Afro: Yeah because I understand that for some people learning is the most important thing.

[It goes on but it doesn't really matter in the context of this blog]

Me:What don't you like about school?

Bean: It's stressful sometimes but i don't dislike it. Why do you ask?

Me: Is it too stressful?

Bean: Sometimes it's barely manageable. But usually I'm fine. Why? Is this about my hair?

Me: No. Is there anything else you don't like?

Bean: Ummmm.. some personal things, yeah.

Me: Bullies? Peer Pressure?

Bean: Umm maybe a little bit peer pressure.

Me: Ok. That's it?

Bean: I guess, yeah.

(Portion of conversation after this point omitted due to irrelevance)

Me: Last question! Could you empathize with someone feeling suicidal due to school?

Bean: Yes. Well, not based on academics but if he was bullied or pressured then yeah. And that includes bullied by teachers, {teachers mocking them due to their grades.}

Me: Could you empathize with someone feeling suicidal due to school?

Mr. Potato: Yeah...

Me: What don't you like about school?

A Really Smart Guy: Most of the administrators are on power trips, the food is shit quality, every person you meet puts on affectations, and the sheer amount of homework and commitments most students end up accumulating can easily overwhelm you. Now add that to the fact that school is taught in a way that assumes automatically that you are stupid and that you need everything to you, ad that school has only ever been taught a certain way, and you will find that there is better way to learn than every other way besides school. I hate school.

Me: Alright, got it. Could you empathize with someone feeling suicidal due to school?

A Really Smart Guy: Yeah, because that's me right now.

Me: Name some things you don't like about school when you can.

Star: [Top of text omitted due to irrelevancy] School. People. Bathrooms. Lack of toilet paper, paper towels, and soap in the bathrooms. People. Homework. Teachers. School. Expectations. Waking up hella early.

[Chunk of conversation omitted due to irrelevancy]

Me: Could you empathize with someone feeling suicidal due to school?

Star: Depends on what reason.

Me: "Pressure from school."

Star: I'm sorry but no.

Me: Alright. Fair.

[Another chunk omitted due to irrelevancy]

Me: Between me and you, SAS made me attempt it.

Star: Yeah, I reconsidered it for a sec because, like some kids take, like all AP's and I know you get zero social life in SAS and some kids have, like parents and expectations and peer pressure and jobs and sleep deprivation and gosh like all my friends have some sort of problem plus personal life problems with family so yeah I'd have sympathy for 'em.
(Next three lines omitted due to irrelevance)
People make such a big deal about high school but it ain't THAT important, ya feel?
*Next three lines are redacted*

Me: College is everything.

Star: No it isn't. We're talking about high school here.

Me: Well, miss Miami-Dade! I'll have you know that everything after college sucks and that if you get into a bad college than your last fun years are spent with trash. [This was to trigger a specific response]

Star: So high school is worth screwing up your mental health? As long as you maintain an alright GPA and apply early and apply for scholarship, you can get in a good school. I'm just sayin'. I'm only going to MDC to get 2 extra years without drowning in debt. I have Florida Prepaid. I can go somewhere else.

Me: So high school does screw with your mental health most of the time!

Star: Of course. Scientifically proven too.

Me: Got what I needed. Thanks, sexy.

[Redacted lines]

Star: Gurl, if you need help on this I gotchu because I'm amazing at ranting about school faults.

Me: Give me more!

Star: Like a lil choo choo train.


Me: Keep it going.


Me: I didn't!


Me: Everyone hates the food I kinda like it...


Me: Anything else?

Star: School is boring. They don't care about the well being of kids. If they did they'd have trust counselors.

Me: Alright!


Even if you're still not convinced that school is trash, I have one more point. When you can, walk outside to your nearest high school and stand anywhere but the front entrance.

Breathe in the architecture..

Do you see it yet?

Give it time...

Any minute now...

Holy crap..

Holy crap it's prison..

Oppressive... bleak... it's legit prison. With arguably worse food!

According to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention, suicide is the 3rd leading cause of death in ages 15-24 and 2nd leading cause of death in ages 25-34 in Florida as of Jan 29 12:00 AM.

This must be stopped. As someone who has fought and won the battle with severe depression I can safely say that waking up in the morning to go to school made me feel worthless. I was constantly ridiculed for being fat or having a prosthetic eye. Life, like for many many others, hasn't been easy. I've lost family and friends to get to where I am now. A job as a mediator's assistant and a good head on my shoulders minus a few pounds made me the stainless shield I am today. In fact. I would've never come to terms with my depression unless I realized that one life changing fact...

Say it with me, everyone..

School sucks. (At least public schools)

 See ya! And thanks for reading!